Ensure accurate and secure data collection with electronic forms that are easy-to-design and can be published on intranets or public websites, and decrease business process time by automating routing. No more manual processing and illegible data entry!
Digitally capture, route and approve forms.

|Build web forms in minutes   |Securely capture accurate data  |Process forms easily, quickly and cost-effectively  |Business Process Library
Build web forms in minutes

Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be
published on intranets or public websites.

1. Create and publish e-forms with an intuitive forms management system that requires no coding or scripting.
2. Easily create attractive forms with preconfigured templates or customize them with editable fonts, colors, uploaded images and layout options.
3. Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, checkboxes and radio buttons onto your form to collect the exact information you need, in the precise format you require.
4. Change the look and feel of a form - or add and delete questions from it - at any time, without requiring programming assistance.
Securely capture accurate data

No more manual entry of illegible data entry.

1. Save documents directly from Microsoft Office applications.
2. Convert working documents into archival formats for permanent storage.
3. Drag-and-drop electronic files into document repositories for easy storage.
4. Import documents from e-mail, including attachments, with one click.
Case Study: Cypress-Fairbanks ISD How Cypress Fairbanks ISD Implemented 90% Paperless Employee Onboarding

Process forms easily, quickly and cost-effectively

Automate submissions, routing and review

1. Enable authorized employees to create BPMN-compliant process models using drag-and-drop interaction.
2. Kick off routing and approval workflows when web forms are submitted.
3. Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic notifications.
4. Modify existing processes and add users without the need to install additional business process automation software.
5. Enhance teamwork and collaboration with social business process management features including threaded discussions, Q&As and checklists.

Business Process Library

User friendly prebuilt processes make implementing a new form quick and easy.

1. Download prebuilt process diagrams, forms, workflows, templates and fields for a variety of common business processes.
2. Minimize initial development effort for common processes such as travel request, expense reimbursement and building maintenance request.
3. Filter processes by industry or department.
4. Modify existing processes and add users without the need to install additional business process automation software.
5. Easily modify process diagrams and forms to fit an organization's specific requirements.