Achieve greater efficiency, reduce human error, and increase productivity through Business Process and Workflow Automation!

|Document Review & Approval  | Accelerate forms-based business processes  |Initiate and participate in business processes beyond the office  |Quickly diagram and implement workflows
Document Review & Approval

Create new folders and update document fields when content is created.

1. Track exactly where documents are and who is working on each document.
2. Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing documents to multiple users.
3. Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic recurring notification emails.
4. Present users with a full history of all business process steps related to a document.
5. Automatically send notifications when documents are created, edited or deleted.
Accelerate forms-based business processes

Kick off routing and approval workflows when web forms are submitted.

1. Review and approve submitted forms from a tablet or smartphone, web browser, or email.
2. Show authorized staff all pending forms and actions required, increasing visibility and prompting timely response.
3. Increased efficiency and quality with information that is correct, complete, timely, and centrally accessible for all participants such as HR, IT, and Payroll.
4. Enable employees to create BPMN-compliant process models using drag-and-drop interaction.
5. Modify existing processes and add users without the need to install additional business process automation software.
Case Study: Cypress-Fairbanks ISD HR Onboarding

Initiate and participate in business processes beyond the office

Automation on the go.

1. Upload and sign documents, submit web forms and capture content into Laserfiche from iOS, Android and Windows devices.
2. Initiate review, electronically sign documents and make decisions from a central inbox.
3. Initiate paperless expense reports, approve invoices and conduct other routine activities from mobile devices.

Quickly diagram and implement workflows

Build a business process automation solution for every need with our user friendly workflow designer.

1. Use 150+ drag-and-drop activities to easily build custom workflows.
2. Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes.
3. Digitize entire processes like HR onboarding and accounts payable processing without writing code